The winter wardrobe essential I didn't know I needed

19 February 2020

I've never been an accessories girl - shoes, bags, and jewellery have never really been a massive interest of mine. So you can imagine my surprise when my wardrobe essential this season has been a pair of tights.

Yep, you heard me right. A pair of tights. But these aren't just any tights - they're super cute spotty black tights that have become my new superhero that work with absolutely any outfit. They give me the same sort of joy Louisa Clark has in me before you when she receives the bumble bee tights (if you know, you know)

Joking aside, I like to keep my outfits pretty simple, so I never imagined having spotty legs would become a daily occurrence for me, but here we are. I think the beauty of these tights, aside from the fact they're £3 (thank you Primark) is their versatility. When I tell you these go with any outfit I truly mean it. I don't know what sort of magic was knitted into them upon manufacture, but they've become a key statement piece in a lot of my outfits.

Alongside that, they make me feel like a little bit of a blogger. I mean, even if I'm sat in a pair of pyjamas typing up a post like I am now, I am still technically a blogger, but these really make me feel the part. They give me a newfound sense of confidence, because at least now if someone's staring at me, I know it's to admire my spotty legs and not because I'm doing something weird (a common thought surprisingly - perks of an anxious mind) so I'd definitely say they're worth the pennies.

Showing off my spotty legs in the streets of London

So...the moral of the story? Get yourselves to Primark and pick up a pair of spotty tights.

Lots of love,
Jess x

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