Why I’m taking a step back from fast fashion

4 September 2019

Fast fashion. It’s something we’re all increasing aware is bad for the planet, yet with the constant mid-season sales and new collections coming out every week it can seem impossible to say no. After all, a fringed jumper reduced from £25 to £4? I may as well buy it, even if it’s not something I can actually see myself wearing.

Sadly, this was actually the kind of mindset I had up until a few months ago. I was constantly browsing on ASOS or nastygal for new clothes, even if I didn’t actually need anything. Pieces that were ‘trendy’ that I had seen filling up my Instagram feed were falling straight into my basket, even if they weren’t a style I typically liked, or it wasn’t something I could see myself rewearing for multiple seasons.

Thankfully, I have come out of this head space over the past few months, and thanks to the many informative documentaries and influencers out there I have massively cut my consumption. So much so, that this month I pledged to take up Oxfam’s second hand September challenge, where you buy no new clothes for a whole month. This may seem like a walk in the park for many people, but considering my previous spending habits, this as a big deal!

However, what has surprised me most so far (granted we’re only a week in) is how easy it’s actually been. I’ve only picked up two new items for the month and both were second-hand either from a local charity shop or depop. What I’ve loved from buying second-hand is that I’m getting unique pieces that I know I won’t see other girls wearing down the high street and that it’s making me step out of my comfort zone with the style of clothing I try. Not only that, it’s saving me so much money too!

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel the urge to look online for new clothes (especially when I’m mindlessly browsing on my phone before bed) but it’s easy to distract myself by reading a book or watching a film. It’s just my brains way of filling up empty time that I could be using on something actually beneficial. 

I’m not saying I have this whole sustainable fashion thing nailed, if anything I’m as novice as it gets. However, I think that proves that if I can do it anyone can. It’s so easy to get caught up in the pace of fast fashion but once you step back and only buy what you need or really love, you’ll be 
using so much more of your wardrobe. 

What are your thoughts on fast fashion? Are you a second-hand lover or a brand new kind of girl? I would love to know your thoughts!

Sending hugs,
Jess x


  1. I'm also doing Oxfam's challenge! I bought a new top for work (with tags) from a British Heart Foundation charity shop. It's like hitting two birds with one stone: supporting a charity and using clothes that might otherwise have been thrown away.
    Best of luck for the rest of the month.


  2. Oo how exciting! I love finding a good bargain in the charity shops. I always see so many high end brands in there for such a low price it blows my mind!

  3. This is great! I love getting wardrobe staples that will be worn thought the year or.season. It's nice to rewear your wardrobe in new ways.

    - Kristen

    1. Totally agree! So many pieces can look so different when you style them with alternative pieces it's amazing


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