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23 August 2019

The world of falsies is a big and scary place, especially when you're just starting out in makeup. It took me a good few years to pluck up the courage to actually try a pair but since then it's been a match made it heaven! So I wanted to help you lovely people out and share a few of my top tips that helped me to find lashes that are not only flattering, but also comfortable to wear.

1. Start small

Before I went for the full strip lash (like what you see in these photos) I tried individual lashes, which I quickly decided were far too fiddly for someone as impatient as me! I quickly moved on to strip lashes, but instead of trying to do it all in one go, I would either cut my lash in half or thirds and applied each part separately. I found this especially helpful in helping me to get my inner corner to stick properly, something I still struggle with to this day! Brands such as Eylure also do dedicated starter kits which come with extra glue, a lash applicator and a spare lash giving you plenty of room for error while you master your technique.

2. Branch out on your style

One of the biggest mistakes I made for a long time with my falsies was sticking to one style of lash and never branching out. I always used to go for quite light textured lashes to give a natural look, which don't get me wrong I still love now, but now I also love a lash with lots of volume. I think if you shop for you lashes based on occasion it makes it a bit easier to get the right level of 'oomph' for your look without it being OTT. So for example, I love a full short length lash with lots of volume for a night out to really open up my eyes, such as the Eylure volume lashes 101, whereas I'll go for something more natural and textured, like the Eylure texture lashes 117 for a casual daytime look. It's all about finding that balance!

Top left - Eylure lengthening no 155, top right - Eylure texture no 117, bottom - Eylure volume no 070

If you're struggling on what style to choose, have a look at what your favourite bloggers and your mates are wearing. From there, you can decide what you like the look of and what you're less keen on so you're more likely to find a perfect match with the pair you do decide on!

3. It's all about the lash glue

This technically doesn't relate to the lashes themselves, but it's such an important aspect of getting nice lashes I couldn't leave it out! Finding the right glue that works for you is super important in not only getting your lashes to last and look nice, but also to keep them comfortable. You can get lashes that are pre-glued, however I prefer to get a separate bottle of glue, as not only does this last way longer but you also have more control about how much you need. The main choice is whether you want to get a clear or coloured glue - I usually pick clear as I'm a very messy applicator so when it dries clear no one sees my mistakes! A lot of lashes come with their own little pots of glue so it's really handy to hold on to all of them as sometimes they do try up or glue themselves shut!

4. Look at the band

One of the biggest aspects of a lash that can massively effect its comfort and also longevity is the lash band. You'll find certain brands will have a set style of band whether it's thin or thick. I generally find I get on better with lashes with thinner bands, such as the Eylure ones featured in this post, as it helps you to get a good bend so it moulds to the shape of your eye. Also makes the dreaded corner stick a lot better too! It's all about personal preference though, so I would recommend at least trying one thin and one thick band of lashes to see which you prefer.

Overall, I think a lot of this lash stuff is based around trial and error and just trying to find something that works for you - there's so many out there you're bound to find some you love!

Sending hugs,
Jess x

*the products featured in this post were kindly gifted by @welovelashes in exchange for a review. You can shop these styles and hundreds more at


  1. This is super helpful. I can't apply lashes for the life of me and I made it one of my goals for 2019 to learn. It's month 8 and we're still not there but hopefully I get it before 2020

    Chelle |

  2. Aw bless you aha, it definitely takes a lot of practice! Have you tried using tweezers to apply them I find that so much easier x

  3. I must admit that I don't know anything about false lashes. Thanks for updating me. I'll have to try it some day.


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