Papergang July Box: Sneak peak & Review

12 July 2019

Hello my lovelies! If you caught my post a few weeks ago, I recently subscribed to OhhDeer's Papergang subscription box. As promised, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into this month's box and to let you know whether I found it as good as last months...

So this month's theme was flora and fauna designed by the lovely Chloe Hall whose whole illustrative style is based around nature and encouraging people to get closer to the outdoors. Overall, I absolutely love the entire style of the box and love the pastel floral theme. In terms of what I received in the box (which I'll go into more detail in a sec) I have to say I think I preferred last months as there seemed to be a bit better variety and more things I would actually use. However, saying that one of the aspects I love is that this box gives me new bits of stationery I wouldn't usually choose!

What I received:

  • A fabric zip up stationery holder - I love the style of this, and the size means it could also be a great makeup bag to take on holiday! Loads of options of what to do with this, and it's lightweight enough to be travel friendly.

  • A5 letterset -  This came with six sheets of thick writing paper with a gold embossed 'for you' design at the top and six envelopes which carried the same floral theme on the inside. Overall, this isn't something I would usually choose, however I love that it encourages people to write more handwritten letters as I think they're so lovely to receive!

  • A6 lined notebook - Similarly to last month, I once again received a small notebook which I feel is a staple to any good stationery box! As an A6 size, this is really nice to throw in your bag and write down any shopping lists/things to remember.

  • Floral sticker sheet - This was one of my favourite items from this month's box as I'm a sucker for stickers! I think the hand drawn style is just adorable and they'll be so good for scrapbooking or for including on the letters you send!

  • Monthly calendar card - Like last month I also received a blank monthly calendar. I love that as the month is left blank for you to fill in it can be used whenever you like and is handy for writing down important dates like deadlines and appointments.

  • Gold ballpoint pen - Finally I received a gold twist-up ballpoint pen. I think this was a nice touch to go with the letter set, but if I'm being brutally honest it was nothing special to write home about (pun intended...sorry) But if you're short of a pen, I guess it's handy?
Overall, I was once again pleased with the box I received, and definitely think it's worth the money. However, I did prefer last month's box, but that just makes me more excited to see what I receive next month!

Sending hugs,
Jess x

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