Uni Essentials Every Student Needs In Their Room

24 September 2018

Hello everyone, long time no see (as it usually goes with blog). I thought today I would make a little list of all the essentials I feel every student needs when moving to university/halls. If you didn't know, I myself moved to uni last weekend and through some planning and a fair amount of last minute shopping I feel I've got everything I'll need to live comfortably for the year. So without further ado here's a list of everything you may need at uni.

* Duvet
* Bedsheets (Personally I'd suggest getting two of each bedding item as then you'll have a spare set for when your other's in the wash)
* Pillows
* Pillow cases
* Mattress protector
* Clothes hangers
* Laundry bag or basket (Dunelm are great if you're looking for a slim one that can fit under your desk)
* Clothes horse (also recommend Dunelm for a small one that'll fit in your 'cosy' room)
* Door stop (especially important on your first day moving in so you can socialise with flatmates!)
* Bin
* Full length mirror (most halls don't provide this, but you can get an over the door one for wilko for cheap)

* Bedside lamp 
* Light up mirror for doing makeup
* Storage baskets

Bathroom:* Towels: 1x hand towel, 1x bath sheet (larger than a bath towel), 2x flannels
* Toothbrush & toothbrush holder
* Soft close bin
* Bath mat
* Shower caddy to hold your shampoo, razor etc.
* Toilet roll (honestly such an essential that I almost forgot)
* (optional) I also bought a small two tiered storage rack to put next to my sink and hold things like bathroom cleaner, deodorant etc.)

* Bowls and plates
* Cutlery
* Mugs and glasses
* Reusable food containers/tupperware
* Travel mug
* Bottle opener
* Tin opener
* Saucepan
* Frying pan
* Knife set
* Chopping board
* Baking tray, both rectangular and circular (ya girl needs her pizza)
* Frying pan
* Oven gloves
* Tea towels
* Cheese grater
* Dish cloths/sponges
* Ice cube tray
* Washing up liquid

Personal items: Obviously these are optional but these are few things that helped me make my room feel more cosy/home-like
* Photos of friends & family
* Fairy lights
* Throws and cushions
* Plants
* Rug
* Books


* Tv & Xbox (check with your accommodation to see if these are allowed in your room)
* Laptop
* Chargers: Phone, Laptop, Toothbrush, Fitbit
* Headphones
* Extension leads
* Hair dryer

I think that covers most things, but if you would like to see the exact products I bought to take to uni, you can check out my haul here


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