Lash Extensions: My Experience

4 September 2017

before and after

For those of you who follow my Instagram, you'll know that a few weeks ago I got lash extensions and I felt like an absolute princess, so I thought I'd share my experience trying silk lash extensions for the first time.

There are lots of different lash extensions out there, with the most common options being synthetic, silk, or mink. I opted for silk because they are lighter and more natural than synthetic lashes and I didn't want mink lashes because I don't know about you, but I don't fancy having another creature's hair on my face! The process of getting them applied took about two hours, as an extension is attached to each individual lash and fall out with them too, which is what makes lash extensions look so much more natural than falsies. My technician also blended in a few green lashes in with the regular black ones as she recommended that they would help to bring out my natural eye colour. The cost of the treatment was £40, and with that I received a free after-care kit to help my lashes last longer.

Even after just getting them done, I was obsessed with how my lashes looked. I naturally have very short straight lashes, even when I layer on the mascara, so having big curly lashes was a dream for me. Believe it or not, the set of lashes I got was the 'natural' length and there were actually options much longer and thicker (but as it was my first time I decided to keep things relatively natural) I'd watched a lot of videos on other people getting lash extensions and many said they ended up being quite high maintain but I completely disagree! It actually made my morning routine much quicker, as I often left the house with no other makeup on or just concealer. It also didn't really impact on the rest of my life either - I mean I even slept on my front like I usually do and my lashes remained intact! The only thing to avoid is any oil-based cleansers or makeup removers when you have your lashes on, as the oil can weaken the bond in the glue attaching your lashes, which could make your extensions fall out more quickly. I also used a clean spoolie morning and night to brush out my lashes just to keep them untangled and looking perfect.

My lashes managed to survive perfectly for a good four weeks, even after I swam in the pool and sea when on holiday (I also loved the fact that I no longer had to worry about panda eyes) After this time, my lashes still looked good but I had noticed some space areas appearing. I could've had them infilled for £8 which would help give me a full set once more and make them last longer but I decided to just remove the remaining lashes at home. It was really easy to do as I just used one of my oil-based makeup removers and some sunflower oil and soaked my lashes for a few minutes until the extensions fell out.

Overall, I had a really great experience with my lash experiences. If I could, I would wear them every day of the year, but it's good to let your natural lashes have a break for a few months, so I think I'll keep these lashes as a treat for a special occasion - After all, Christmas is only a few months away...


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