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4 June 2017

Pastel houses in Oxford city centre
I've reached a point in my life where it's time for me to start considering what I want to do after Sixth Form, and this is both exciting and terrifying to me. Whilst the idea of starting somewhere new, meeting new people, and having new experiences is very enticing to me, leaving my old friends, moving away from home, and of course not having my dog to follow me everywhere, is not.

It's only recently I've started to properly consider the idea of going to university. I've always loved the idea of going somewhere to learn more about something I'm truly passionate about but the problem was I didn't know what that passion was (and I'm still not entirely sure now to be honest) However, I decided to bite the bullet and start to go to university open days and get a feel for different places.

Yesterday, I woke up at 6am so that I could travel down to Oxford to visit the Oxford Brookes university. Since stumbling across them - after a wild night stalking my favourite architect and where he studied - I have always loved the look of the campus, the close-knit community feel, and the wide array of courses on offer. I was a bit worried that since hearing a few too many snide comments about Brookes 'living in the shadow' of Oxford University it wouldn't meet my expectations, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

The John Henry Brookes Foyer
This was the first open day I had been to, and it was incredible. For starters, the architecture and general aesthetic of the campus is absolutely beautiful (even if you're not a massive architecture fan like myself) Everywhere is bathed in light and colour, and the main lecture theatre in the John Henry Brookes building hung from the ceiling above a relaxed seating area. I can't say enough about how much I love the university. The campus is absolutely beautiful, with lots of facilities, from bookshops and banks to an on-site Starbucks! Everywhere was modern and you could tell a lot of time, money, and thought had been put into the university - In the Abercrombie architecture, design, and engineering building, past architecture students had even helped in the designing of the area.

I'm aware that without you all being there to see it with me this probably doesn't sound like much, but I can honestly say I'm quite shocked at just how much I loved this university. The campus feels so safe and friendly and there is so much to do, with there even being a massive indoor climbing centre on site! Whilst at the open day, we also had access to the Brookes bus system which is free to all students at the university (and anyone visiting for an open day). With buses coming every 15 minutes travelling to all three campuses, accommodation, and the town centre, I don't think you could ask for more. Lots of students also use bikes to make their way around which I find really refreshing.

Long story short, despite this being my first visit to a university, I am already sure that Brookes is a place I really want to be a part of. Even the idea of living hours away from home didn't seem as daunting when seeing the student village - where the majority of first years live - and knowing anything I needed was just a phone call or short walk away. Oxford is a beautiful city in itself and the Brookes campus is even more so (at least in my opinion) so if like me, you're looking at universities at the moment, I would 100% recommend visiting Brookes - you even get free goodies, so what's not to love!


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