Sleek Solstice Palette Swatches + First Impressions

4 July 2016

Hello everyone, today I thought I'd do a brief first impressions of the sleek solstice highlighting palette as I picked it up yesterday and have been dying to try it out and share my experience!


 The palette itself comes in a black matte box which has the details of the palette and also advice on how to use it on the back. The actual palette has a shiny gold outer packaging, which looks beautiful but will quickly harbour finger prints! However, the plastic exterior feels very secure and is an ideal size to take on the go. The palette also has a large mirror inside which is ideal for travelling! You're also given a small highlighting brush within the palette which is actually very soft and a good shape for applying the highlighters to cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose.

The highlighters

Top left, Ecliptic // Top right, Hemisphere // Bottom left, Subsolar
Bottom right, Equinox

Within the palette there are four highlighters ranging from pink to copper. Ecliptic (top left) is a cream formula, whilst the other three highlighters are powder formulas. Whilst I found all four to be very well pigmented, I noticed that the cream formula gave off slightly less pigment but this would give a more natural look and could easily be built up. My personal favourite is hemisphere, and I like to use this on the top of my cheekbones and down my nose. Subsolar is also great for highlighting the cupid's bow! I've also found the highlighters to be very long lasting and give off a very natural glow!

Value for money
Overall I think this palette is great value for money, retailing at £9.99, meaning you're essentially only paying £2.50 for each highlight and you're also getting a brush and large mirror. I would definite recommend trying out this palette before investing in something more expensive as I honestly think this palette is on par if not better than some high end highlighters I've tried!

To conclude, I'm very happy with my purchase of this palette, and would definitely recommend it to others. Here's a quick pro/con list of the palette:
+ Very well pigmented
+ Good variety of shades
+ Large mirror ideal for travelling
+ Good quality brush included
+ Long lasting

- Outer packaging can easily look dirty from fingerprints
- Cream formula (Hemisphere) is slightly less pigmented than the other shades

I hope you all enjoyed this brief review of the Sleek solstice palette, and if you're interested in purchasing it, there is a link here


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