10 April 2016

I go through phases, a bit like the moon. I can go for days without leaving the house and feel perfectly content with my lack of human contact. Yet, other times I just want to be out with other people. After four days without leaving the house, I decided it was probably time to move transition into my next phase and actually socialise with, you know, real people.

This morning, my family and I took a trip to a local woodland area thing (I don't know it's actual scientific name, okay?) and I took the opportunity to take some pictures and actually appreciate the wildlife.

Despite being a confessed introvert, I enjoy the outdoors. Granted, more the nature than having to actually socialise, but I like the smell of the grass, the hum of the birds, and the crack of twigs beneath my waaay too muddy converse.

The main point of this post is, whether you're an introvert like me, or an extrovert, take the time to actually appreciate the nature, because I think it's pretty freaking cool (despite the fact my converse needed a well-deserved trip in the washing machine afterwards!)


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  1. I'm an introvert too! I sometimes love being by myself and other times I want to be surrounded by other people. Everybody should embrace who they are because being yourself is the best version you can be. ;) Isabella x


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