How To Pass Your Exams

16 March 2016

Source: Tumblr
Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I did a video on my YouTube channel all about exams and revision, so I thought I'd summarise the main points into a quick blog post for you all!
1. Start revising early
Giving yourself plenty of time to revise means you aren't struggling to cram months worth of information into in one night.

2. Keep everything you need in one area
Notebooks, pens, textbooks, snacks, the whole lot!

3. Have a clean workspace
What is it they say? Tidy room, tidy mind? Something like that!

4. Use your revision guides

6. Take regular breaks
Research the pomodoro technique: 20 minutes of work and then a 5 minute break.

7. Use colour

8. Create a timetable
The website Get revising is great for this!

9. Set goals

10. Snacks

11. Listen to relaxing music
Try out the 'Intense studying' playlist on spotify.

12. Flash cards & Mind maps

13. Past papers

14. Writing up old notes

15. Apps
Get revising
The student room
If you want any more information about any of these tips and ideas feel free to watch my video or leave a comment down below!



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