My 2016 Goals

1 January 2016

Hello everyone, happy 2016! To kickstart this year of blogging I thought I'd do a post telling you about my goals for 2016. I did this last year and you all seemed to like it, so I thought I'd do another for this year!

My Goals:

Read 100 books
I naturally read a lot anyway, so this year I want to push myself further and aim to read 100 books. That means reading a new book roughly every 3.5 days, which is no mean feat! However, I'm determined to do it.

Write and draw more
In September 2014 I started writing a rough journal and it really helped me organise my thoughts and feel less stressed. This is something I want to continue in 2016, aiming to write every day. I'd also like to sketch more.

Blog more
Since starting my YouTube channel last January my blog became less of a priority. I've ending up spending many more hours editing, filming and uploading to YouTube than I have writing on this blog! Whilst most of my freetime is now spent on YouTube, my blog is still important to me so I want to invest more time into it.

5k on YouTube
This is a very big (and maybe slightly unrealistic) goal but I've always been told to dream big. I currently am yet to hit 1k (but I'm pretty close!) but my hope for the end of 2016 is that I will have hit 5k.

Save up for a macbook
I've always wanted a Macbook but have never had one because they're far too expensive and I never manage to keep all of my saved up money for too long! However, if I manage to buy a Macbook with my own money I will feel I've achieved it and it will also help me to improve my YouTube and school work.

Get a job
This links to the above point but in order to buy what I'd like I need to get a job in order to get some money! Since I leave school earlier this year and have a three month summer, this will be an ideal time to get one.

Be more positive
During winter I often find it a lot harder to stay positive/happy so that's why one of my goal is to aim to have a more positive outlook on life.

This is a goal I don't really want to do, but it needs to be done! I'll be taking my GCSE's in Summer and I want to achieve the best grades possible, so it looks like I'm going to have to do a lot of revising!

Those are all of my goals so far for 2016. Let me know what some of your goals are too. Happy new year!

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  1. All the best with your goals! Mine is to do more creation - blogs and videos, and maybe some more "proper" writing too if I can focus long enough!


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