My Top Five: Autumnal Makeup Essentials

26 November 2015

Hello everyone! Today I thought, since it's coming to the end of autumn  now I thought I would do a top five of my autumnal makeup essentials to show you what I've been constantly grabbing for in the past few months.

 1. Highlighter - benefit high beam

Highlighter is a must for me in autumn and winter; it's a great way to add a bit of life back into your skin and try and give your skin the healthy glow you usually achieve in summer. I personally only like to apply it on the tops of my cheekbones and in my cupid's bow, but it's totally down to personal preference.

2. Sleek Rose Gold Blush

I love having a rose-coloured blush in autumn/winter time and the sleek rose gold blush is my definite favourite! What with only costing £4 from Superdrug and having amazing pigmentation, I couldn't recommend it more!

3. The perfect red lipstick (Rimmel Kate Moss 01)

Obviously everyone needs their perfect red-lip all year round, but especially in A/W! Personally I love the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks as they're very affordable and a great quality, especially if you can't afford MAC! My personal favourites are the shades 01 and 217.

4. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Personally, I usually like to opt for BB and CC creams, which give me a lighter coverage, but in the colder months I find my skin is more prone to redness and breaking out so I like to use a foundation. I really like the Bourjois healthy mix serum because it is a gel formula so is really easy to blend and build up coverage!

5. Benefit Roller Lash

Obviously, mascaras are just a must all year round, but I find that especially in A/W I like my eyes to look a bit darker and more defined and so to do this I like to use cool eyeshadow shades and a voluminous mascara. Roller Lash is my all time favourite as it makes my lashes look effortlessly longer and thicker!


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