Back to School Studying & Organisation Tips

26 August 2015

Hello everyone! So I recently did a back to school video about studying and organisation and thought I'd write up a blog post to go with it so that if you want to look back on these points during the school year you can just read them here instead of having to trawl through a whole video!

1. Have a studying area
Take the time to create a space in your room specifically for studying, whether it be your desk or the floor, whatever's comfortable. I would however suggest not getting too comfortable like by studying on your bed as you may fall asleep or lose motivation!

Also, make sure that in this study area you have everything you need to do your work so you can get on with it as quickly and effectively as possible!

2. Do your work as soon as you get it!

I don't really have much to add to this point; by doing your work as soon as you get it you will be more organised and waaay less stressed!

3. Colour code and highlight

Colour is a really good way to help your brain to focus on the most important points, so it's important to use it within moderation and only highlight your most important points, otherwise whilst your page may look very pretty when it's coloured every shade of the rainbow, it won't actually help you to study.

4. Planners and binders

These buddies should become your best friends for the school year. They'll help you keep everything in order and prevent you from having to hand in crumpled, tea-stained sheets you dug out from the bottom of your bag.

5. Take regular breaks

No one's brain works at it's best when it's constantly doing over-time so be reasonable with the amount of work you set yourself and take regular breaks. For example, I like to do 30 minutes of work and then take a 10 minute break to go on my phone, but if you have a shorter attention span you can try splitting up 30 minutes of work into 3 sets of 10 minutes and taking 5 minute breaks in between. 

6. Avoid social media like the plague!
Pretty simple really, Twitter and Tumblr are pretty big distractions when you're working so try and switch off your phone while you're working to ensure your work is at it's highest possible quality and is the best it can be.

7. Use a planner!

If your school/college doesn't give you one at the start of each school year I would definitely recommend investing in a planner to help you organise and prioritise your work for each day so you know what you need to do and when it needs to be done by!


So I hope you enjoyed these simple tips, If you want to hear about some of my points in more detail you can click on the video below!


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  1. I found this really helpful and I love the pictures you used! would you mind checking out my blog? thank you so much! :) x


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