My Summer Bucket List!

23 June 2015

I don't know about you, but when it finally reaches summer I can often find myself stuck with things to do, so this year before summer finally rolls around, I've decided to make a bucketlist!

1. Have a campout with my friends

2. Visit the beach

3. Get a 2nd ear piercing

4. Visit Brighton
I don't know what it is, but something about Brighton is so pretty
I'd love to visit it myself

5. Take the train somewhere
I'm not picky where, I just want to go on a spontaneous adventure!

6. Take polaroids

7. Actually go camping?
Quite fancy sleeping on the ground and getting attacked by a
swarm of bugs actually

8. Have a picnic

9. Swim in the sea

10. Get a tan
Thankfully I'm actually going abroad this year so there'll definitely be
an opportunity for this!

11. Have starbucks
Something about starbucks in summer tickle my fancy

12. Vlog?!
Definitely a maybe on this one but it's something I'd like to try!

13. Watch the sunrise
The only time I'll be willing to get out of bed before 10am
in Summer!

14. Watch the sunset

15. Movie night!

16. Plant something and watch it grow

17. Make a summer playlist

Those are all I've come up with for now, but with over 5 weeks of school left
I'm sure I'll think of some others to add too!

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