My Top Drugstore Mascaras

28 January 2015

Hello everyone. Firstly I'd just like to apoligise for completely failing my new years resolution of posting more in 2015. It's almost the end of January and I've only managed to post 3 times...nonetheless today I thought I'd show you my top drugstore mascaras. These are all really affordable and are great for an everyday basis too.

1. Seventeen Clear Definition Brow Gel/Eye Mascara 

Not only is product great for a natural look on your lashes, it can also be used for your brows. Personally, I prefer a coloured mascara for my lashes and I choose to use this on an everyday basis to set my eyebrows and keep them in shape. This product is really long lasting and will keep my brows in place all day.

2. No7 Extreme Length Extend / black

I got this mascara in a No7 giftset last Christmas and although its only a half-size, I was quite surprised at how well it works on my lashes. It really does what it says on the packaging and extends the length of my lashes really well. I like to use this on my bottom lashes. One downside is I find that sometimes it is quite dry which causes it to break off quite easily and leave little clumps on my face if I wear it for long periods of time.

3. Rimmel Wonder'full mascara

Of all the mascaras in this post, this is by far my favourite at the moment. I picked this up a few months ago and haven't put it down since! I use it everyday on my lashes and it lasts all day long and doesn't smudge (and also isn't too dry) Also because it contains argan oil it leaves my lashes feeling really conditioned and soft.

4. MUA Extreme Curl Mascara

This definitely has to be the best value-for-money mascara of the bunch considering it's only £2. I know MUA isn't exactly renowned for it's amazing quality but this mascara is actually better than some higher-end mascaras (in my opinion) This really does help curl your lashes and really lengthens them. I really love the formula of the product as well, as it's quite wet but also dries really quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review of some of my favourite drugstore mascaras
Drop a comment down below with some of your favourite mascaras (drugstore or highend) I'd love to try some out!

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  1. Great post! I need to try out the MUA mascara, all their products are great value for money :)

    Jessica | Sherbet Lemons and Lipsticks



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