Who are you?

8 December 2014

Step back for a minute and honestly ask yourself, do you know who you are? I was thinking about this the other day, and honestly, I can't say I do. But really, is there any way of 'defining' ourselves?

-prepare yourself for an awkwardly deep post-

I mean, strip away the labels. We're not simply names chosen for us by someone else. Our beauty isn't defined as something as obvious as weight or height. We shouldn't define ourselves simply as a shade of skin or our birthplace. Our intelligence cannot be reflected through a letter or number graded on a test. We're not a gender, age, or sexual orientation, nor a social class. We're more than a statistic; we're alive. Simply your talent of existing means much more than whatever 'society' classes us as.

We're made up of our favourite books, when we laugh, when we cry. We're the films we can recite to off by heart, word for word. Your own story is told through the scars and bruises on your body, the laughter lines and dimples, the piercings and tattoos. You're your favourite bands, the days you spend in bed doing nothing, because if anything, you time you enjoy wasting can never be wasted time.

You're stitched together with mistakes and flaws yet bound together with friends and happiness from the memories you continue to construct and will continue to do so until the day you cease to exist. You are so much more than the strings of DNA that create your blood, veins, and skin.

None of us are perfectly moulded and made flawlessly and we are not without fault. But we are loved for being being just the way we are. We are our own secrets and lies, fears and insecurities. We're the courage when we overcome them. We are our passions, loves, desires, hopes, and dreams.

So tell me, how can all that possibly be summed up into our 'identity' it can't. Personally I believe there is no 'identity' to anyone, we're so much more than that.

Don't simplify yourself to a series of numbers and letters. You are so much more than a bunch of symbols.
You're a blank canvas; What you choose to do with your canvas is up to you.

- hate to be corny but - Carpe Diem. You are you, you are beautiful. Live in the moment, life's too short to worry about 'who you are'

p.s. sorry that got kind of deep pretty fast...

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