Urban Decay Naked 2 palette || Review

29 November 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to be reviewing the urban decay naked 2 palette, which I bought a few months ago from the urban decay counter in debenhams. At £37 this is by far the most high-end/pricey piece of makeup I now own, but since I'd heard great things about the naked palettes I was pretty confident this palette was going to perform, and I wasn't disappointed!

the palette also has snap closure

Starting with the packaging... the outer packaging of the naked palette is made of a nice, strong metal, that feels very secure and not flimsy or like it would fall apart in your hands! The inside is made of plastic but again is very strong and secure and not at all flimsy. A bonus pro to this palette is the full-length mirror incorporated into the lid of the palette which makes this an essential when doing your makeup on-the-go.

Included in this palette are 12 eyeshadows varying from matte's to shimmer's and nudes (useful for daywear) and bolder colours (perfect for an evening out)

Moving onto the brush. The brush is a double ended shadow/crease brush - with one being flat, the other being rounder in shape, which is a surprisingly good quality and very soft (though the real techniques are still a firm favourite for me)

Now onto the eyeshadows themselves. I generally picked up this palette as opposed to the original naked/naked 3 as I liked more of the shades in this palette than the other two. I found the naked 3 had too many pink shades/undertones which wouldn't have suited my skin tone, whilst the original naked also had a few bolder tones which would have remained untouched for the most of my time. I liked the colours inside the naked 2 as they're all pretty neutral in tone yet can also be used for a more bold look such as with the darker shimmer shades on a night out.

One of the things I was most impressed about about all of these eye shadows was their amazing pigmentation and the fact they didn't crease and could last a good 8 hours even without a primer.

Foxy - This is actually one of my favourites from the whole palette. I have to admit this is a bit of a wash-out and if worn on it's own you probably wouldn't give it a second glance, however, it's ideal for highlighting on the brow bone and the inner crease of the eye.

Half Baked - Admittedly I haven't even used this shadow yet, but it's a beautiful golden bronze that would look lovely to brighten up a smoky eye

Bootycall - This is the one colour I use on a regular basis all over my eye, and then use tease for my crease. I find this pale frosty-pink shade perfect for brightening up the eye in the mornings.

Chopper - Similar to half-baked but more copper and a tad darker with a silver glitter

Tease - As mentioned before I love this light matte brown shade to use this when I'm going for a nude/natural look inside my crease and it blends out beautifully!

Snakebite - Another shimmer shade in a beautiful chocolate brown, which works well on top of tease in my outer crease to build up shadow.

Suspect - A light brown/taupe that looks lovely with snakebite and/or booty call

Pistol - A light grey shimmer shade ideal for a evening out smokey-eye

Verve - Another one of my favourites, similar to booty call but a shimmer, actually appears a lot lighter on so is very good for highlighting

YDK - another taupe/brown shimmer that looks beautiful blended with verve or bootycall

Busted - a deep purple shimmer, one of the few shades in the palette I've generally left untouched because I'm not brave enough to try out a bolder colour in my everyday eye makeup

Blackout - A dark, matte black that is extremely pigmented and blends really well

Basically, I've fallen head-over-heels for this naked palette and I can definitely tell the difference between your average drugstore eyeshadow palette. However, if you're new to makeup or this palette isn't quite in your price range, I'd definitely recommend trying the new W7 palettes which are cheaper dupes of the naked palettes! I think this was a great start to my experience of high-end makeup brands and I'm definitely going to be looking into more of the urban decay products!


  1. Great post! I've been wanting to get this palette for a while now, but I cannot bring myself to spend that much money considering I'm at school and currently don't have a job. xx


    1. Thank you :) I agree it's quite a lot to pay especially if you don't have a very big budget but I definitely think it was worth every penny xox


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