My summer bath collection

6 July 2014

Even though it's officially summer now, I still enjoy the occasional bubble bath after a long day, so I decided to show you my current favourite bath products.

Bath Botanics Milk Bath

This has the same characteristics as any other bubble bath, except it also hydrates your skin too. The Milk bath has avocado and ginger what help moisturise and hydrate your skin; it also makes your bath smell super nice! Whereas I'd usually feel quite dried out after a bath/shower this does the opposite, and my skin feels refreshed and nourished.

Bath bombs
Left to right - Top row, Bomb cosmetics - Skin candy & Limi and Kiwi big top
Bottom row - Bomb cosmetics - mandarin sunset, Lush - Butterball
I am a lover of bath bombs, and it would seem my friends and family know that, since all four of these were given to me on my birthday. I've never tried any of these bomb cosmetics products but they smell amazing. I have tried butterball however, and it is one of my absolute favourites (alongside 'so white' from lush) butterball has little pieces of cocoa butter in it, which melt in the bath, and leave you feeling soft as butter (linking back to 'butter'ball) and smelling like a chocolate mess.

Lush carrot stick bubble bars

Linked back to the bubble bath theme, these bubble bars from lush are also perfect for making your bath colourful and full of bubbles. These carrot stick bars are from the easter collection, which I bought in a bunch of three. As you can see I've only used one up so far because they last ages! As well as colouring your bath a vibrant orange they also leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Lush 'Honey I washed the kids' soap

Again this was a gift for my birthday, as I wouldn't usually consider buying soap from lush, but it's actually pleasantly surprised me. Not only does it smell really sweet and nice, it also leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and smelling fresh. I think I'll be sad when this runs out, and I may have to nip back into Lush to buy another!

Heathcote & Ivory shower gel and moisturiser

Both of these products smell amazing, and not too floral since it's rose, but also quite sweet. The shower gel is clear and quite sticky, but when mixed with a bit of water goes really frothy and foamy. The moisturiser isn't really a bath product as such, but it's an important step after showering/bathing to keep your skin hydrated. I use this on my arms and legs, and lo behold my skin actually likes these two products!
So that's my current bath collection for summer, 
What are you current bath favourites for summer? 


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