Seasonal makeup swap - Winter to Summer

6 June 2014

Now the seasons are changing and it's summer, it's important that you change your makeup routine to match. Smokey eyes and dark polish is nice in the winter, but in summer you want your makeup to look minimal and light. This means ditching the heavy makeup and choosing light, natural products instead. Here's my summer swap:

During the winter you want your hair to look big and voluminous such as with quiffs and back-combed ponytails. Let your hair down; you want it looking natural and distressed, like you've spent a day on the beach. Spritz salt spray in your hair and scrunch for effortless texture.

Switch your powder blushes for a cream blush. This will make your skin look more healthy like it has a natural glow.

Drop the matte, dark, lipsticks, It's summer and you want light and shiny. Swap for a tinted lipbalm/lipgloss and choose lighter shades which will look natural and compliment your skintone.

It's important during summer to give your skin room to breathe. Ditch heavy foundations and settle for something a bit lighter like a bb cream/tinted moisturiser. Most of these have SPF's of at least 15 too, and this way you're getting a moisturiser, foundation, and sunscreen all in one.

Swap dark bold eyeliners, for lash-enhancing mascaras. This will look much nicer and natural and will still add colour and volume on your eyes. Using a few bolder eye shadows will always brighten it up if you find it too bland.

Using a setting powder is going to take away some of the shine from your skin but will also make it look less healthy and glowing, which is not what you want. Instead use a bronzer around your forehead, cheekbones, and chin, which will also help define your features.

Stray away from dark shades, instead go for light pastels or bright neons. You can always add some nail art to make it more exciting!

What are your essentials when changing your makeup routine from winter to summer?


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  2. Lovely swap ideas. I make sure that I have a high factor facial sun cream underneath my regular moisturiser in the summer and stick to regular SPF moisturiser the rest of the year.



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