May's Haul

2 June 2014

Can you believe it's June already!? This month has gone too fast, this year has! Instead of doing the usual Empties and Favourites post, I thought I'd do something a bit different and do a Monthly Haul post. Pretty simple; I'll basically just show you everything beauty/fashion related I bought this month. Let's get right into it!

 1. Lace Palm Tree skater dress -£20 USC

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I set eyes on it! Not only the beautiful contrast between the lace and palm tree pattern but it also had a really good fit and comes down to just above the knee. I bought this in a size 8. It also has an elasticated top to keep it in place as it's strapless. The zip is on one side and goes down to about waist level. The skirt half of the dress also has pretty sewn in pleats. I'm pretty sure this is basically going to be my outfit for summer!

2. Light blue Jumper - £3 Primark

This jumper was a bit of an impulse buy because I loved the colour and it was only £3. I'm not really sure how i'd wear this and the transparent sleeves can be quite itchy, but I really like the idea of it, and it's very pretty!

3. Floral crop top - £12 USC

I wasn't sure if I was too keen on this floral pattern at first, but it looks really nice with dark high waisted shorts. I bought this in size 6, and it's a really nice fit and the floral print is kind of muted which makes it look quite vintage.

4. 'Live in the dream' Disney top - £6 Primark

This is by far my favorite Tshirt I bought! Not only would I buy anything Disney related, but this is a perfect top for summer; the muted pastel shades and quote at the top is all I need to keep myself happy this summer.

5. Organiser Box - £6 The Range 

I love this little pretty organiser box. It has a distressed look to it and the white wooden floral feature really adds to it to make it look quite girly. There's 6 separate slots, which I find really useful for organising things like Lipsticks and hair bobbles! It has a glass lid, and rustic hinges.

6. Makeup

Foundation £15, (read my full review here)

Clean & Clear moisturiser £5 - This is really nice for everyday use, morning and night. It's gentle on the skin but still does an efficient job and clearing your skin and the moisturiser is also really nice and light.

Rimmel Lasting finish topcoat £3 - This is really nice on top of a plain polish or on your accent nail to jazz up a usually pretty plain manicure.

Vaseline £1.20 - I usually go for the plain vaseline, but this one feels and smells really nice. It's also good for the odd spots of dry skin as it has aloe vera in it.

 7. Backpack - £5 Primark

 I wouldn't usually buy a backpack from Primark as primark isn't exactly known for it's amazing quality, but this was reduced from £9 to £5 and I was due a new schoolbag anyway. This is actually a really nice bag; it consists of a really soft tartan material and a faux leather. It also has a big front pocket, and you can actually fit more into it that you'd first think!

8. Ballet Pumps - £3 Primark

If you haven't guessed by now, I really like pastel shades and these shoes are no exception. I purposely bought them with the intention of wearing them with my skater dress as I didn't have any matching shoes, but these will also serve well with any outfit, formal or casual. Thankfully this are quite a slimfit as I have really narrow feet and usually can't pull off shoes like this, and the bow on the front is really pretty!


I hope you liked this different kind of post. I intend to do this every few months as well as favourites and empties, and I'll also be doing some more OOTD's for summer, so look out for those!

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