Product review of the week - Soap & Glory moisturiser and exfoliant

14 May 2014

Aloha ladies. It feels like a lifetime since I've gotten round to doing a product review, so to get back on track I thought I'd start with these lovely Soap & Glory products. I picked up a few products a couple weeks ago and I chose my two current favourites to review.

Scrub 'em and leave 'em - body exfoliant

Recently, I've been loving using this body exfoliant. It's something I've never felt like experimenting or spending money on, but I find it's really benefited my skin. It's nice to use in the bath and shower and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Not to mention it smells gorgeous; I combination of sweeties and citrus. It's really hard to explain but it's a really nice smell! Both of these products are scented with the 'Mist you madly's scent' So if you were curious as to what this smells like, pick up anything from this range and they all smell almost identical.

The tiny salts in the body buff helps make your skin feel
smooth and refreshed

I fell in love with the simplistic packaging

I love the fact this product also includes natural essences suchas vanilla and magnolia as well as oils to hyrdrate your skin. The little pink 'bobbles' are natural salts which help to scrub off any old, dry skin, which is really great for leaving your face/body smooth and smelling lovely.

Another thing I'm obsessed with from this range, is the packaging! I don't know what it is but I love the almost 'old fashioned' theme with the black and white photo's and bold, sharp fonts. I also like that the fonts are mostly used for the decor of the packaging so the colour scheme is quite simplistic, mainly consisiting of muted yellows and pinks.

The daily smooth body butter - moisturiser

 Excluding all my specifically formulated dry skin lotions, this is one of the best high-street moisturisers I've ever found. Not only does this lotion refresh my skin and make it smell gorgeous, it actually does what it says, and hydrates dry skin! I suppose this shouldn't really surprise me as it quoted to be an 'amazingly-effective dry skin formula' but in past experience I found the product could be quite deceiving about what it really does, but this one didn't let me down!

This is a really rich lotion, which is a bit thicker than what I'm used to, but I find a little certainly goes a long way! I can use a small dollop the size of what you see in the picture, and it'll easily cover both my arms, and then I'll repeat with a tad more for my legs and stomach. I don't like to use this around my face as it is perfumed and the skin around my face and skin is very sensitive, but it works a treat on the rest of my body! If I apply this after my bath/shower before bed, my skin will still feel hydrated by the next morning!

This is literally all I need to moisturise my arms

Overall, I'm in love with this soap and glory range and I definitely plan to try more from this range! These would of received 5 stars but I find they're a bit more pricey than I'd usually go for, but they definitely do the job well.

my overall rating for both products:

Where to find:
The Daily smooth body butter £10.00 *this is twice the size of mine as I couldn't find mine on the site, but this'll do the job just as well, for even longer!

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