Product review of the week - No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

25 May 2014

I picked up this foundation at Boots the other day for 2 main reasons; I was running out of my Rimmel Match perfection foundation and it was getting too dark for me, and I'd heard great things about the No7 stay perfect foundation. Also I felt the Match Perfection foundation just wasn't quite cutting it for my skin. It didn't really last all day and it left my skin with dry spots even when I moisturised before using it and mixing it with my moisturiser.

One thing I would point out is that this foundation is a bit pricier than what I'd usually go for, but you're definitely paying for the quality, plus a little bit really goes a long way. I got this at the price of £14.50 whereas my usually budget would be 6-8 pounds. The assistants at the No7 counter in boots were really helpful and they used a special scanner on my skin to help determine which shade would suit me best. My best match was the colour calico (which is actually much lighter than it looks in the picture)
Shade Calico - Lightest
I also really like the packaging which consists of a frosted glass bottle and, lo behold, a pump included! A lot of the more up market foundations (if you count this as up market) don't usually include a pump and mean you have to go out on a search for the pump which fits, so that was a nice added bonus. I don't know why, but I just liked the fact this also came in a box, because most foundations at the drugstore don't, which means you don't get any advice on the best way to apply it and it's ingredients etc.

This foundation is also good for your skin; not only does it have an SPF 15, it's fragrance free, contains vitamin E, and is non-pore blocking. It's also hypo-allergenic which means it's ideal even for sensitive skin like mine.

"Life proof foundation for a naturally flawless complexion and super staying power...Stay Perfect: Look great, no matter what."

The directions on the box said for best results to shake before use and then blend on with your fingers or a sponge working from the centre of your face outwards. I just applied this with my fingers by pumping the tiniest bit onto the back of my hand and dabbing from my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and blending it outwards.

Obviously, I was expecting this foundation to be better than my previous, but I wasn't expecting results this great! Not only does this foundation give me a good medium coverage (just leaving a few red bits I could cover over with concealer) it also left me with a flawless finish and even-toned complexion. It also didn't even feel like I was wearing a foundation because it is so lightweight and breathable!

"It can be relied on to stay perfect; upto 24 hours wear, weather-proof, and transfer-proof. It won't cake or flake on dry skin, nor slide or shine on oily skin" 

and true to it's word it does this things. Obviously I haven't been in the situation where I've needed it for 24 hours but as it lasts me all day without flaking/sliding etc. I'm pretty optimistic it will be able to last a full day.

p.s sorry for my damp hair! 


As you can see from the photos, it leaves me with an even skin tone and really covers up and redness or blemishes on the skin. I used less than a pea-size amount of this foundation, and I didn't even need to mix it with my moisturiser; it kept my skin soft and hydrated all day long. I didn't even have to use a brush to blend it in!


This is the first 5 stars I've ever given but I really think it deserves every one of them! Granted, it's more pricey than what you'd usually get at the drugstore, but you really are paying for the quality and it's great for any skin type!

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