My guide to heat free curls

17 May 2014

The heat free curls from my OOTD

Today I thought I'd share with you my technique for heat free curls which I briefly mentioned in my OOTD a few weeks ago. My hair is usually very awkward with curls and they usually drop out within a few hours, but with this technique I get beautiful curls which last me all day. In my experience I find this works best with either slightly damp hair or hair that hasn't been washed for a few days.

I've tried many different techniques for obtaining natural-looking curls in my usually awkward, straight-as-a-ruler hair. I tried the headband technique (somehow I messed this up and just ended up knotting all my hair together around a head band...not fun) as well as other heat-free techniques and trying with curling wands etc. Either way it's never been too successful, but this is the first way I've found that's simple, easy, and effective! All you need is your hands, and some hair bobbles! (maybe some bobby pins but they're not a necessity)

**NB: Sorry for some of the dodgy lighting in first few photo's; as I tend to do this before bed there was little lighting left!

Step 1: Separate your hair into two equal sections

Using your hands or a pointed end of a comb split your hair from the centre of your head down the back so you have to sections, and bring them both to the front.

Step 2: Take one of these sections and split it into two again

Step 3: Twist the two sections together

Twist the two strands together until you reach the bottom of your hair. Alternatively you could twist the two sections individually before twisting them together if you wanted tighter bigger curls.

Step 4: Twist the hair on top of itself and secure with hair band

You should find that if you keep twisting the hair after you've gotten to the end, it will start to coil up on itself. Let this continue until it creates it's own little bun on your head. Once it's in this little bun shape grab a hair band and loop it 2-3 times around the bun to secure it in place.

Step 5: Repeat on the other side

Step 6: Sleep in these buns or leave in for a few hours before unravelling. 
When you wake up, or after you've left them in for a good 3-4 hours if not longer, gently pull out your hair band, find the end of your hair and slowly uncoil, then separate the curls with your fingers

** Do not brush your curls or they will just drop and go frizzy! ** 

Alternatively if you wanted much looser curls you could just continue this upto the point where you twist the hair together.

The result:

I find it easier to unravel the curls after I've finished my makeup so they
don't get in my way!
After you've just unraveled your curls, don't be too worried if the curls are too tight for your liking, they will drop to a much more natural looking curl.

For practicality I had to tie my hair anyway as I was going dancing,  and this helps show how the curls drop throughout the day. If you're not having a too active day I don't think they should drop as much as mine did.

Straight after unraveling my curls (around 9:30 am)

By the end of the day (around 6:30)

And that's all there is to it! That was my simple guide to heat-free curls which I find really effective and lasts a good  9 hours! This literally takes 5 minutes to do (not including your sleeping/waiting time) and gives you effortless curls; what's not to love?

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