Bare Minerals

29 May 2014

I recently borrowed some of my auntie's bare mineral products  so that I could test out some of them and decide if I thought any of them were worth investing in. I've heard really positive reviews about Bare Minerals but I didn't want to go ahead and buy lots (especially when some cost at least £19!) if I didn't like them/they didn't sit well on my skin. Most of these products came from the Get Started Complexion Kit, which is £49 with a value of £108. Sorry in advance; some of the pictures were quite blurry, as we've been away all week and being the genius I am, I forgot my camera charger and the battery was near dead, so I had to snap quickly!


The three brushes I tried were the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush, Max Coverage Concealer Brush, and Flawless Application Face Brush. They're all really soft and smooth, but since they range between £19 and £24 I'd still choose the real techniques brushes over them; not to mention you can get about 3-4 brushes for the price of one bare minerals brush!

Setting Powder 

This illuminating mineral veil is actually just a setting powder basically. I really liked this as I've never used a loose powder before, only pressed and the little holes made it easy to tip a good amount into the lid. You can also twist it to prevent the powder spilling everywhere while you're  not using it. The powder felt really nice and light on my skin and made my skin appear brighter without drying me out.

Powder Foundation

Due to my skin-type, I'd rarely chose a powder foundation over a liquid becuase it would just dry my skin further. However, this is a really nice powder foundation, which is feels light but gives a good coverage. Further on in the day I did notice a few dry patches but overall this is really good, but I'd definitely recommend it more towards people with oily/combination skin.


Just my luck, the product which I liked most had the least left in it. My favourite by far has to be the blush 'first class' not only is this a beautiful pinky/natural blush it's also really pigmented so you only need the tiniest amount for a bright blush.


This may be a personal thing but I wasn't too keen on this 'all-over face colour' whether it was just because my skin tone was too light for this shade or it was just the bronzer itself, but it didn't really give me much of a bronzed tone except to make random streaks of my face orange...not attractive...


I keep it all neat in this Yves Saint Laurent box :)
So that's my brief analysis of some of the bare minerals products. Although I probably won't be investing in many of these it was nice to be able to try them out. I may buy one of the blushes in the near future though as those are really good! Most of the products featured can be found at

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