April Photo a Day Challenge - Part 4

1 May 2014

Hello lovelies. Here is the finale to my little photo a day challenge. I'm coming clean and going to admit some days I forgot so ended up taking multiple photos in one day...anywho, it's May now and I can't wait to share with you guys some of the new projects and things I'm working on for the next coming month. Keep your eyes peeled!

22. The last thing you bought
Meet the vamps by the vamps (awesome album, there's not a song I don't like, I highly recommend!)
23.  Vegetable
Tomatoes are vegetables right? Or are they fruit? erm
24. Something you're grateful for
Friends :)
25. Looking Down
26. Abroad 
Credits to whoever took this photo for Joe on this one ;)
27. Somewhere you went
28. Okay so my computer kind of glitched on number 28 so I don't know what the actual topic was but I decided to replace it with a disney character instead :)
29. Circle
This cute lush bath bomb is kind of circular in shape I guess?
30. Something that makes you sad
...wifi is important okay!?

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