Time for a change

27 April 2014

Hello lovelies. Despite how big and daunting I made this post sound due to the title, it's really nothing too big, I promise! I just wanted to let you guys know I may not be posting as often for the next few weeks for two main reasons:

1. New Blog Design
I've took this task upon myself that I want to recreate the look of this blog. Nothing too major just a new header etc. My blog template at the moment is fine, but I just think it's a bit too bland and boring, and I want to make it look more personal and cute! Obviously as I intend to do this all by hand and myself, it's going to be pretty time-consuming therefore meaning I won't have as much time to write posts. (Blog design is already underway so I hope to be done by the end of next week)

2. School
Over the next few weeks I need to take some time to revise for my end of term exams, which are only about a month away! Obviously at the moment these aren't crucial exams like mocks or GCSE's but I still want to get organised so when it does come down to the more important exams, I'll be prepared!

If I don't have time to write you guys long posts, I'll make sure to give you a quick wishlist or top 5 post, and hopefully things will run back on schedule soon!

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