Spring Lush Haul

1 April 2014

Left to right - Carrot Bubble bars, Butter Ball,
Avobath, Dragons egg

Hello lovelies. Happy April! Yesterday I popped into Lincoln, and although I bought lots (including topshop, primani, etc.) I thought I'd just show you my lush haul or else this post would be huuuge! The Lush in Lincoln is really nice and all the staff are sooo friendly, and since the easter products were in, what better time to go a little crazy on all my bath products...

Bunch of carrots - Bubble bath £5.95/bunch of 3

The first product I grabbed was this cute bunch of bubble bath carrots! Not being one to splash out on a product almost six pounds, the fact that these are re-usable really appealed to me. Not only that, you can probably get away with using about 1/3 of a carrot in a bath and still get a good 4 inches of bubbles! They also smell really good (surprisingly, not like carrot..) and have a kind of tropical scent to them.

view the bubble bath carrots here

Butterball - Bath ballistic £2.50

One of the things I can never leave a lush store without is one of the butterball bath ballistics. These bath bombs smell so nice and contain cocoa butter and hydrating oils, so once the pieces of cocoa butter have melted your left feeling super soft and smelling so good you want to eat yourself! I also find these are really good for dry or irritated skin and leave you feeling and smelling gorgeous.

view butterball here 

Dragon's egg - Bath ballistic £3.25

This kind of bath ballistic isn't one that would usually caught my eye, but once the store assistant assured me there was a mount of glitter in the centre, how could I say no!? Also, after seeing all the little hints of colour on the exterior, I'm really curious to see what colour my bath will go. I really love the smell of this one, as it smells quite like citrus but also quite sweet too. Buy it and you'll see what I mean..

view dragon's egg here

Avobath - Bath ballistic £3.25

Avobath is one the bath ballistics I'm most excited about using. I wouldn't say the scent is anything spectacular but there is something really soothing about the subtle smell of avocado and olive oil that would be great before going off to bed. The assistant also told me avobath is great for dry skin because all the natural oils are great for hydrating and nourishing your skin, plus I'm dying to see a bright green bath!

view avobath here

Well, that was my little haul from lush, which of the easter products do you love most? Are you a more sweet or citrus girl?

For more information on the products mentioned visit www.lush.co.uk


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