29 April 2014

Hello lovelies. Welcome to the start of a brand new series to my blog! As you can see from the title this is a 'roomspiration' post, which if you don't already know is where we give you loads of ideas for cute and easy things to do to your room. I want to start doing some diy roomspirations but at the moment I don't have the time so these ones are just ones I've found online. I may have gone a little overboard with the amount I chose to show you guys, but I got a tad excited...

All images sourced from pinterest 
One of the things I'm most looking forward to making myself is the insta-wall or the photo heart. I think this is a really simple yet beautiful way of displaying your pictures and making sure they don't just get forgotten about by sitting in a drawer!

Fairy lights are also a really cute touch to any room, they make it cosy in the winter, and bright and pretty in summer; the perfect way to brighten up a room all year round! I'm also really curious as to trying out the old technique of decorating a glass to use as a candle holder. It's actually pretty simple to do and I think it would also be nice to put something like your makeup brushes in.

So that's all guys. I hope you enjoyed the first of this series. Let me know if there's any diy roomspiration you've seen that you'd like me to do, I'd love to try them all out! I also have a few of my own original ideas up my sleeve which I can't wait to share with you guys soon!

p.s. I hope you're liking how my blog is looking so far, I'm really pleased with it at the moment, the hours I've spent on it seems to have paid off!

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  1. First of all- your blog looks AMAZING! WELL done!
    Secondly, love all these ideas, but especially the polaroid heart thingy. xx


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