Product review of the week - Topshop Matte Nails, Whisper Blue

11 April 2014

Hello lovelies. Sorry I seem to be dragging on the nail theme this week, but I recently picked up a gorgeous nail polish in topshop that I couldn't help reviewing. *I'm a sucker for all things matte*

After comparing it to the pictures online I'm 99% sure it's in the colour whisper blue. I could simply check underneath the bottle for the colour as I'm not at home for the next week and I stupidly left this varnish at home... Anywho, whatever colour this is, it's a beautiful baby blue colour that is great for spring!

I absolutely love the topshop packaging, and this product is no exception. Although this product isn't sporting the common polka dot lid we see on the normal varnishes, it's been replaced with a smooth frosted glass bottle, and beautifully simple font.

This nail polish sports the common applicator for nail polishes, which allows you to get an even and accurate application of the polish. I find this nail polish needs two or three coats to reach it's full colour potential; one coat tends to leave it quite streaky.

After one coat - the polish is still quite streaky

Overall, I really like this matte range of products topshop brought out, and I'm certainly tempted to pop in for a few more. You can view the full range at although I think there was more choice in store, the majority of the colours are there.

My Overall rating:

I like the idea of these matte polishes but I was a bit disappointed in how streaky it looked with one coat. Have you tried matte polishes? Which was your favourite?


  1. What a beautiful colour for Spring! I definitely need to check out the full range!

  2. Nice this product also used by celebrities like Angelina Jolie SEe more at


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