Product review of the week - MUA Extreme Curl Mascara

4 April 2014

Hello lovelies. Today I thought I'd do a quick review of my new MUA extreme curl mascara. I picked this up because my previous mascara (the rimmel scandaleyes) was running low and beginning to heavily clump; a sign i needed to replace it pronto! I picked up the extreme curl mascara mainly because my friend recommended it and because it's a nice reasonable price what with it being from MUA and I knew I could expect a good quality.

The packaging of the product includes a sleek exterior (useful to fit into your bag) which is really reflective and smooth and shiny. Although this is quite a simple design, I think this is really pretty. The bottle also has a slight curve in it, which I suppose represents the extreme curl qualities?

The brush on the mascara is a nice shape with a more extended curl towards the edge, which gives you more curl on your outer lashes. I find the mascara spreads evenly across your lashes and doesn't clump. It also does give your lashes a beautiful curl to them, and does last me all day. If I have to wear it for school, I will just use one coat, as I find it is enough to make my usually short lashes more prominent whilst still looking very natural. If you want a more noticeable mascara look, just add a couple more coats and you can achieve long-lasting beautifully curled lashes.

Overall rating:

This is a lovely, affordable mascara which I would recommend to anyone; it even works on short lashes! You can keep it looking natural or build this mascara up to look more bold and defined. If you're interested in buying this mascara, you can pick it up from any of your local drugstores for only £2 (via superdrug)


  1. Lovely review :) I will have to try it out xx

    Jessica Elizabeth | Sherbet Lemons and Lipsticks

    1. Awh thank you, it's a great mascara xox


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