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21 April 2014

Hello lovelies. I thought I'd try something a bit different today and do a get ready with me post. I've never attempted this before so i'd like to apoligise in advance for my facial expressions and if I don't do a great job!

My everyday makeup routine consists of  a light base, light highlights and blusher, and minimal eye makeup. Our school is very picky over makeup, so I have to ensure mine looks as natural as possible. All the makeup I use is whatever I can find at the drugstore, and I'm aware of my very limited set of brushes; I'm hoping to get some more real techniques sets for my birthday in July!

Step 1: Moisturising
This is an important step that ensures my makeup stays looking a bit more dewey and so that my makeup doesn't go patchy and flaky. The first thing I do is moisturise with my E45 intense recovery moisturiser for very dry skin. This is a life saver that make's sure my skin stays hydrated all day. I also use my baby lips - mint fresh to keep my lips soft and hydrated. At this point I also tie up my hair to ensure it doesn't get in my way *foundation in your hair is not a good look*

me looking lovely and pale and blotchy..
I'm so sorry everyone
As you can see I get quite a bit of redness around my eyes and nose, so making sure my base covers up these blemishes is vital!

Step 2: Base
I know, I know! The first thing I should do is use a primer, but I'm all out and I can't find a good one at the moment (let me know if you know of any good ones?) so I'm skipping right ahead to foundation.
Rimmel match perfection foundation -
101 classic ivory, The collection lasting perfection
concealer - 1 nude, Real techniques pointed foundation brush

I'm not sure if my technique for foundation is right, but it works for me. After mixing some of my foundation with some moisturiser, I go right ahead and with my finger gently dot in around my face in areas that need the coverage. Then, with my pointed foundation brush, I gently blend it into my skin blending from the center outwards. 

Then, I go ahead and grab my Collection lasting perfect concealer and dot it on any remaining blemishes or redness.

Since my base isn't too oily today I don't need to remove any excess moisture. But usually I will grab a tissue to remove unwanted moisture like I explained in my Makeup Secrets #1 After my base is finished I'm left with this: 

another weird facial expression..
After watching many makeup tutorials on YouTube, I've learnt from the best that you should actually use your powder until you've done your blush, contour etc. This way you'll keep all of those in place too.

Step 3: Highlights and powder 

avon pearl bronzing balls
Again down to my limit on brushes, I've had to re-use some of my earlier brushes and just improvise with what I have. For the light bronzing balls I used my powder brush. I just sweeped this all over my face to give me some more colour. I then followed this by doing a light contour with the real techniques contour brush, under my cheekbones, and below my jawline to keep any extra chins at bay!

Then using the powder brush again, I got a small amount of the NYC blusher - 652 West Side Wine, and sweeped from the apples of my cheeks upwards and outwards towards my hair line. This is when my powder comes into play. Using my powder brush, I applied a small bit of my rimmel stay matte powder - 004 sandstorm, and worked it into anywhere on my face that would be exposed to shine; such as chin, cheeks and forehead.

Step 4: Eyes & Brows

The first thing I do when it comes to eyes, is curl my lashes. I use my lash curler from Superdrug which cost me around £2. Then, from my MUA ever after matte eyeshadow palette, I use shade 3 - bare,  and with the little black brush on the left, sweep it all over my eyelids. I follow this by using shade 5 - fade, around my outer crease. I then blended this with my fluffy brush. 

Since I always to my mascara last,  I move onto my brows. I have this handy little MUA brow kit containing everything I need, even a setting gel. I also like to use the mini brow comb (seen on the right)

I brush my eyebrows first with the plastic side of my brow comb, and then with the angled brush supplied in my brow kit, I sweep shade two (top right) through my brows. Then with the brush side of my brow brush, I grab my setting gel (bottom right) and gently sweep through the brow.

Now with my MUA extreme curl mascara, after using my Makeup Secrets tip 3 I shimmy the applicatior from root to tip through my lashes. In order to keep it natural I'll usually only use one coat.

My finished look: 

At this point I would then go on to do my hair, but I think I'll leave that for another day. Google also automatically made me this fancy photo mix, which basically sums up my before and after!
Am I the only one who finds it weird
seeing the transformation...?

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post. Let me know if you did like this and if you want to see more posts this style (I have a lot more ideas!) 

What does your everyday makeup routine consist of? 


  1. I've seen Hush featured.Thanks for sharing a beautiful and high quality information. These used to be my absolute favorite.


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