Argan Oil hair treatments

16 April 2014

My hair looking fabulous in a argan oil
hair mask
Hello lovelies. Have you heard about the biggest craze right now? It's argan oil hair treatments. Argan oil can be used for:
 * a hair styling product
 * a hair heat protector
 * a hair deep leave-in-treatment
 * a hair hot-oil-treatment
 * a hair growth-treatment
 * a treatment for a scalp condition

As you can see this is a multipurpose hair nourisher; lately i've been using the argan oil shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. I also recently received a freebie trial of the L'oreal colour blend argan oil and cranberry shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair.  I have to say I was actually quite impressed as it smells really good and leaves my hair silky soft.

One of the argan oil hair masks I picked up was only a pound from my local supermarket. To be quite honest I wasn't expecting great things from this product as it was only a pound, but I had a pleasant surprise. This smells really nice like your average conditioner and has a good thick consistency. If you do see it in any shops I definitely recommend! Also, because it's such a large tub you get plenty of use out of it, even on long hair.

I prefer to use this hair mask when I'm in the bath because you have to leave it in your hair for 7-10 after shampooing and then condition.

After going full argan oil on my hair for  full week, I'm already starting to see and feel the benefits. My hair is now more shiny and less frizzy; it has more volume, and I've definitely noticed how it hasn't been affected by any heat damage lately, and I've been blow drying my hair, which I don't normally do.

I'm personally now an argan oil convert and have no intentions to leave this out of my life again! Have you tried out any other argan oil hair treatments? What did you think of them? 


  1. YES! Oh my god - I adore these products. My hair was falling out a bit last summer due to too much heat and such, but I decided I'd give these a go and they have made a massive difference. My hair is so much thicker and stronger now. Love it! xx

    1. I've noticed how much softer and thicker my hair has felt too! xo

  2. thanks for sharing! I've heard about all the good benefits of argan oil for hair before, so I bought the ones from Organix brand :) it was good, but I want to try this one too.


  3. It's a great hair mask. I also love the organix brand; both the argan oil shampoo and conditioner I use are from there xo


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