Makeup secrets #2

20 March 2014

Brush - Real Techniques buffing brush
Powder - Rimmel Matte lasting perfection powder
004, Sandstorm
Hello lovelies. I have another quick tip for you again today, but this time it's about your powder!

Once you've done your foundation and concealer and have it looking lovely it's always important to use a powder to set them and prevent you looking shiny all day!

If you want some extra coverage with your powder, especially in your T zone, try this quick tip to help conceal any shine and excess moisture. Grab your powder brush and apply some powder to it. Now instead of brushing it over your face like you normally would, press the foundation into the areas where you need extra coverage, and then apply as normal.

This technique helps lock in the moisture and oils and stop them from laying on your skin, leaving it looking greasy and shiny. It's also good for dry skin because your are helping to lock in the excess oils from your foundation into your skin, meaning it should stay hydrated and looking lovely for longer!

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