Homemade Mother's day gift!

28 March 2014

Hello lovelies. As I'm sure you know, it's mothers day this Sunday, and if you forgot, then don't rush along to the shops for something she probably doesn't even need; make her one of these lovely handmade hearts!

You will need:
Fabric of your choice (Patterned usually looks more effective but it's entirely your choice!)
Paper/Tracing paper for template (optional)
1 x Scissors
1 x Coloured thread and needle/Sewing machine
1 x pencil/knitting needle
Ribbon and buttons for decoration


1. Either using your paper or your fabric, cut out the shape of the heart you want. If you're making a template first, pin this to your fabric and the cut out. You need two identical hearts, so it's easier to fold your fabric in half and cut it, so you get the exact same shape.

Heart template made out of rough spare fabric
2. After cutting out your two hearts, pin them together with the pattern on the inside (You'll be turning it inside out later) Now you need to sew closely around the edge of your fabric leaving a small 1/2 cm gap. If you don't have a sewing machine you can still do this by hand, just make sure your stitches are close enough and tight enough to ensure they don't come undone! 

3. Now using your small gap push the fabric back through so that it is turned back the right way and you can see the patterned side of the fabric. You may also need to use the end of a pencil or knitting needle to ensure you've pushed out the corners so that it looks like a heart!

4. Grabbing small pieces of stuffing at a time, firmly press your stuffing into the heart. The amount of stuffing you use will depend on your preference of how firm you want it to be. Sew up the small gap by hand/machine and then you're ready to decorate.

You heart should look roughly like this after stuffing!
5. This is the fun part! Now you can glam up your heart however you want using ribbons/buttons etc. I used a small amount of ribbon folded over to make a loop so that I can hang my hearts, and then made a small bow to sew on. You could also add small buttons or lace trimming if you wanted it to look even cuter!

The finished heart
 And that's all there is to it! You can make multiple hearts if you like and display them as a bunch or just have the one. I think it looks really cute if you use the same colours but with different patterns, such as my polka dots and checkered hearts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas on how to make your own DIY gifts. If you did make these hearts, leave me a link in the comments; I'd love to check them all out!

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