Drugstore Haul!

9 March 2014

Hello my lovelies! Yesterday I went out into town, and after earning some money from selling items on eBay, I'd soon spent um quite a bit..I headed into Superdrug and picked up these items..what can I say? The Mini Eggs snuck into my basket as I headed for the till...

The one thing that didn't come from Superdrug was my Company magazine. I picked this up because one of my favourite Youtubers, Zoella, were on the cover. I also recieved a free mascara and bb cream sample.

1. Baby Lips - Peach Kiss

If you didn't already know, I'm pretty much a Baby Lips addict; I won't head anywhere without one. For school I like to use my Mint Fresh Baby Lips, as it doesn't have colour in it and is a really nice moisturiser for your lips making feel baby soft, and tasting like polos! What's not to like?

I also have the Cherry Me Baby lips which is a lovely deep red colour and taste's like *surprise surprise* fresh cherries! I don't tend to use this for school as the colour is a bit too noticable so I needed something a bit more nude in colour. 

The Peach Kiss is a lovely colour on my lips and is a lot paler than it looks. It looks like a nude mocha colour and tastes really nice and sweet. Next up on my Baby Lips wishlist is the Pink Punch!

2. MUA Lipsticks
Left to Right -
Shade 16 Nectar, Matte Totally Nude,
Shade 11.
I picked up some more of the MUA lipsticks because I absolutely love them and they're a bargain at £1 each. You heard me right, one pound. I hadn't used a Matte Lipstick before so I picked up the colour totally nude; I find the brighter colours don't really suit my skintone. 

I have to say, I was quite disappointed. The MUA lipsticks are usually quite pigmented, hydrating, and soft, but this Matte one was dry, gave me hardly and colour, and tasted horrid. I will still be buying the usual Lipsticks but I don't think I will be purchasing any more of the Matte ones..

3. MUA Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

I tend to fill in my eyebrows on a daily basis, and although my W7 brow kit was fine, I felt like I wanted to try something new.

I really like the sleek packaging, which also gives you tips on how to use each part on the bottom of the packaging.

The fact it also comes with a reasonably sized mirror, also makes it great for travelling because you'll always have a handy mirror with you too! 

There are 3 shades to choose from, a dark brown, light brown, and medium peachy-cream colour for blonde/lightly coloured eyebrows. Then there is also a gel which you swipe through your eyebrows after applying the colour to make it set and last longer. The lightest colour (bottom row, left) is also good to sweep under your brow bone to define your eyebrows and lift your face.

Also included in this set is a mini set of tweezers and a double-sided angled brush (one side for the gel, the other for the colour)

4. MUA Colour Blast - Eyeshadow Tint

I got this product for free after spending £6 or more on other MUA products. This colour wouldn't of been my first choice but I'd been to late getting there and there were only two shades left! I wasn't too optimistic on the quality of this product, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

The colour's nice and pigmented and would be nice to blend into your outer lid and crease to give a more bold smokey affect. Also, as its like a crayon, you just wind it up when it runs out.

5. Company Lashes

This was a freebie I received with my Company magazine. As soon as I opened the packaging I had a feeling it was going to be good. For starters, it wasn't made out of the cheap brightly coloured plastic you usually see on freebies, it was a thick, matte, black plastic. It feels really nice and smooth and I love the use of two fonts; simple and effective.

The applicator is fairly average, but I think this is a good base mascara or for the bottom lashes. It gives a really nice colour and doesn't clump all your lashes together! I tried this product out after curling my eyelashes, and it looked really nice but natural. If you wanted to wear makeup but still look natural, this is a really good mascara for the job!

5. Free from Company Magazine


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