Tanya Burr Nails

8 February 2014

Hello my lovelies! I know you're probably sick of reading about nails now, but I was very excited today when Tanya Burr Nails arrived! Tanya is an amazing youtuber and blogger and I was so pleased and excited for her when she released her new Lips and Nails were launched. Each polish was £5.99 and I got free delivery for spending over £10. I also really liked the cute packaging it came in and thought it was a really nice idea.
"I really loved the packaging"
I purchased the colours Little Duck and Peaches & Cream because I really like the pastel shades and it really compliments my skin tone. I also really love the love heart design on the base of the lid!
Peaches & Cream
Little Duck
I was also really pleasantly surprised by the excellent of the polishes. They have a really nice pigmentation and can last over a week without chipping. One thing I do find, is if the polishes are a lighter colour you usually need to do 2 or 3 coats but apart from that I really love the quality of these products.

I really recommend this product to any of you reading; if you're from the UK, don't be put of by the fact that it is from America, I found although I did have a postage delay, my products still arrived within 6 days and were in perfect condition!

Tanya has also released a range of lipglosses too, and if you're interested in any of the products, please check out the link here!



  1. These colours are lovely, I think I might need to get my hands on some :) xx

    Jessica | "Lattes and Lip Glosses"

  2. They're one of the best polishes I've used; I highly recommend! xox

  3. I adore Tanya Burr. i follow her blog and YouTube channel. i wasnt sure which colours to get, but i do quite like pastels also. great post!


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