Product review of the week - Collection lasting perfection concealer

28 February 2014

Hello my lovelies! I've finally managed to just about connect to the wifi, so I'm writing this as fast as I can before the internet kicks me off! Last weekend I went out into town and had a bit of a mini drugstore haul, and one of the things I picked up was the collection lasting perfection concealer. I've previously been using my rimmel wake me up concealer but as this had ran out, I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new! I think this product cost me around £3.99 which I thought was pretty cheap and an inexpensive try at something new.
The one thing that surprised me was the quality of the packaging. During the small time it took to drive home from town the writing on the concealer had already started to rub off! Ironically, the 'lasting perfection' of this perfection was soon gone and made my concealer look tatty and worn before I'd even broke the seal!
I chose the colour 'fair 1' which was the lightest of the colours and was a good match to my skin tone. One thing I was impressed with, was the wide range in shades and colours. In the small store I was in, there had to be at least 9 different shades, which I thought was really good, because there's nothing worse than having a concealer or foundation that doesn't match your skin tone!

The concealer quite surprised me at it's quality! It's really pigmented and gives good coverage; especially for under-eye circles and any redness or blemishes on the skin. It also really lightens your face making you look more awake and alert.

I also really liked the applicator; the slight curve in the middle helps it collect lots of the product on at once, meaning you don't need to keep dipping your applicator back into the product too much!

As the packaging claims, the concealer is really long wearing, and although I haven't been in the situation where I'm needing concealer for 16 hours, I'm sure this will live up to it's name! Not to mention it also blends really nicely!

Overall, I think this product is really good for the price (it's almost half the price of Rimmel!) It has a good range of colours, really good pigmentation, and a nice applicator. If you're looking for a cheaper, more affordable concealer, I highly recommend!


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