Kiss me | Valentines nail tutorial

7 February 2014

Hello my lovelies! Seeing as this time next week It'll be valentines day, I think it's important to snazz up your nails! Even if you aren't in a relationship, It's always fun to arrange a girly pamper evening or movie night!

I really like this nail art/polish style because I thinks its cute and stylish and really simple to do! I just used a nail strengthener first, my flormar matte pink polish and my primark nail art pen. I really like the primark nail art pens because they are stripers and pens in one, and contains gemstones in the other side. Also they are only around £2 for a pack of two.
Rimmel nail rescue strengthening lacquer, flormar matte
pink nail polish, primark nail art pen
The first thing I did was cover my nails in the strengthening lacquer to leave my nails feeling strong and hardwearing. After leaving it to dry, I painted my nails with the flormal matte nail polish. I applied two coats to make sure I had a full coverage on my nails and left it to dry. When I was sure it was dry to touch, I used my nail art pen to create two curved lines next to each other to give the impression of lips.
I think this is a really cute look that you can change how you want, to make it more stylish or fun. If you want something more stylish trying black nailpolish and white nail art pen, or if you want something more fun, use a different coloured polish for each nail and use bright colours for the lip nail art.

Try using two curved lines to the impression of lips!

I hope you liked this tutorial and it gave you some ideas on how you could style your nails on valentines day!
What kind of styles do you like on your nails? Let me know if you liked this kind of post and want to see more.


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