Wishlist (No.1)

27 January 2014


*** Images courtesy of Urbanoutfitters.co.uk & TopShop.com
1) Coca Cola Baseball Tee in Blue £32.00 - Urban Outfitters
2) Bunny Tri Yarn Sweat £24.00 - TopShop
3) Cornershop Unicorns Tee in Black £28.00 - Urban Outfitters
4) Blackwatch Check leggings £25 - TopShop
5) Cities Tri Yarn Sweat £24 - TopShop

Hello my lovelies! Lately I've found myself hooked on the urban outfitters and topshop online shops! I have plenty of wishlists and they are huge, so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you! I've been really loving cuffed sweatshirts and hoodies and although I only own a few, I'm looking to increase my wardrobe of sweatshirts. I also love the graphic tees from urban outfitters which I definitely recommend to you all!

My top pick has to be this super cute bunny sweater from TopShop! I love the simplicity of the grey and white and the cuffed sleeves and bottom. I think this could look really effective with any outfit whether you wanted to dress it up or down! 

Which one of my picks are you loving? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Ohh, I like that jumper with a bunny :D :D

    I'm writing a blog about travelling and my life as an expat in Spain, it would be great if you could go have a look at it and give me your opinion :) Thanks!


  2. love cute sweaters :)


  3. Love the blog Sophie! Aren't cute sweaters the best Andystyle!


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