This or That beauty Tag

6 January 2014

Hello guys, today I'm going to be doing the This or That beauty tag, let's begin!

blush or bronzer:
blusher, I prefer to go for the more girly look, and I don't really use bronzers much except in Summer. I am currently loving the Benefit Dandelion blusher because its a lovely pale colour.

lip gloss or lipstick:
A few months ago I would have picked lip gloss, but now I'm swaying towards lipstick, because I don't really like the texture of lipgloss anymore.

eye liner or mascara:
If I had to choose between the two, it would definitely be mascara, because it's what I use on a every day basis, whereas I only tend to wear eye liner if we're going out.

foundation or concealer:
Concealer. Mainly because I have a good concealer so I can also use it as a foundation if i needed to.

neutral or color eye shadow:
Neutral for sure! Brightly coloured eye shadow doesn't tend to suit me, so I stick to my more neutral shades.

Long or short:
I don't really have my nails long or short, I tend to sway somewhere in the middle. I like to have my nails long enough to shape, but if they're too long they just get in the way!

Acrylic or natural:
I tend to keep my nails natural, unless it's a special occasion, such as a wedding.

Brights or darks:
In contrast to my eye shadow preferences, my nail's are usually in brighter shades more often than not. I especially my matte pink flormar polish and my 'Teal the cows come home' OPI nail lacquer.

perfume or body splash:
I tend to sway for perfume more often than not, but I'm currently using the limited edition Lynx for her, which has a really nice smell, and came with a body spray too

lotion or body butter:
lotions because they hydrate my skin more, and i am prone to dry skin, so as nice as body butters smell, I usually use lotions.

lush or other bath company:
Lush all the way, as you can probably tell from the hauls I have posted over the last few months!

jeans or sweat pants:
In all honesty I don't even own sweat pants anymore, so definitely jeans!

long sleeve of short: I do wear short sleeves if i'm having a jacket or hoodie over the top, but if i'm only wearing a top, then I'll probably wear long sleeves.

dresses or skirts:
Skirts because it gives you more freedom in what to team it with and how you can style it to make it your own.

scarves or hats:
Hats. In the winter I would choose my beanie over a scarf any day.

necklaces or bracelets:
necklaces, I tend to get fed up of bracelets and pull them off about an hour later!

jacket or hoodie:
Hoodie, most of my time is spent wearing hoodies, mainly because i think they're cosier than jackets.

curly or straight:
I think curly hair is pretty, but with my naturally straight hair, I don't think curly looks as good on me.

bun or ponytail:
I think messy buns look really cute, but ponytails can also give you the elegant or messy look you want

long or short:
I prefer long hair, but I have to say, short styles do look nice on some people.

side sweep bangs or full bangs: Although I no longer have a full fringe and am growing it out, if I had to choose between full and a side fringe, I'd choose a full.

up or down:
down! The only time I will have my hair up is if I have to.

Rain or shine:
Well since the rain is my favourite weather, I think its obvious which I'll choose... I like to be inside in the warm watching the rain outside; its so cosy!

Summer or winter:
Summer. I like to spend time on the beach with my friends, because I'm not a big fan of the cold, even though I like rain!

Fall or spring:
Definitely Autumn (Fall) because I love all the leaves when they're falling off the trees, its so pretty!

Chocolate or vanilla:
I like chocolate as much as the next person, but if we're talking about fragrances and scents, I'd choose vanilla because it's so sweet and fresh.

I hope you enjoyed that tag, I know it's a bit different to what I normally do; Tomorrow I will be doing my product review of the week, Don't miss it!


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