Product review of the week - Rimmel Apocalips

30 January 2014

Hello my lovelies! I know your probably sick of reading and hearing about the big Apocalips craze but I thought I'd share with you my opinions on the product!
Rimmel Apocalips
I really like the packaging on this product which is a simple black design which gradually fades and turns transparent so you can see the color of the lacquer inside. I really liked the lid shape which reminded me of a gemstone construction which I thought it was really original and cute. Something really nice about this product is the applicator. It has a slight groove in the centre which I find helps hold more of the product on the applicator so you don't have to keep re-dipping as much!

Rimmel Apocalips - 600 Nude eclipse
These lacquers are really nice and pigmented (especially on the brighter shades) with good colouration and thick consistency, but at the same time not sticky and gloopy!  One thing I would recommend is moisturising your lips before using this product as it seems to enhance your chapped and dry lips! (not a good look) I find the lacquers can last for hours and just need a quick dab up throughout the day.

However, the one thing I'm not too keen on is the scent and flavour! I'm not really sure how to describe the scent, but, you know how you're used to nice fruity/sweet smelling glosses? This is just, eugh! It's like a mixture between nail polish and sourness! Bleh! Thankfully you can't really taste this lacquer too much, but if you did lick it off your lips (which I do not recommend!) Its very bland, rubbery, and leaves an aftertaste in your mouth.

The applicator has a groove to hold more of the lacquer!
Overall I really like this product based on the colour and how long it lasts, but I'm really not keen on the taste and scent which I think is quite important with something like lipglosses/lacquers. That's why I'm not too sure if I'd buy this again...

Have you tried the rimmel apocalips? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


P.S On some of my photos my watermarks haven't appeared, so just a quick note that they are copyright of myself.

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