Product review of the week - Nivea Luscious Lips gift set

22 January 2014

Hello my lovelies! Sorry I haven't posted for a while guys, I've been busy with exams :/ Anyway, lets get on with today's review. This is a product I received over Christmas, and I think it's a perfect gift because you can reuse the tin to store your other makeup products in - or anything really! In this gift set you receive two lip butters and two balms:

Essential Care (Lip balm)
Pearly Shine (Lip balm)
Lip Butter Raspberry Rose
Lip Butter Original

You even get a cute reusable tin!
1. Essential Care, lip balm

Nivea essential care lip balm

I like to use this balm before applying my lipstick or tinted balm because it leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised. The balm contains Jojoba Oil and Shea butter and definitely is an essential! I use this in the morning and throughout the day, however I use the blistex intensive moisturiser which is available in most drug stores for £2-£2.50 as this works well into my lips but is white in colour and quite thick in consistency. I also think the design on this balm is quite plain but cute and effective. I had to look twice when I saw this price. It's only £1.09 (via superdrug)

2. Pearly shine lip balm
The tinted lip balm
Sadly to say, I wasn't as keen on this product. Although I love most Nivea lip balms, I would say that this one is an exception. I found the balm lacking in the moisture department, however I like the packaging and the products sweet scent. I thought that this product would give me a nice pink sheen, but it makes my lips look washed out is rather streaky in effect. I think it would be good for layering on top of darker, bolder lipsticks, though, which I'll be doing that, but after I finish this balm, I won't be rebuying!

3. Lip butter - raspberry rose
Mmm, raspberry flavoured lip butter!

Thankfully, this was another rave-worthy product! This little tin lasts forever! The scent is delicious and the consistency is a smooth, creamy balm. I only have to use a tiny amount; if you use too much you get a white cast across your lips, not a good look!  I would purchase this again because I love the packaging. As annoying as it is to have to dunk your finger into the butter, you wouldn't be able to achieve this consistency if it were in a tube form - It just wouldn't be the same! £2.25 (via superdrug)

4. Lip butter - Original
A pure fragrance free lip butter
I have used Nivea Lip Butter Original for almost 4 weeks now and my usually dry, chapped, flaky textured lips became beautifully smooth, soft and supple. I was so surprised because I have sensitive lips, yet I experienced no lip burn or itchiness! It's rich, creamy, comes in a non-bulky tin which fits well in your pocket, you can apply as little or as much as you feel like, & it stays on your lips for a long while. And no fragrance or perfume. I love the formula as it is, and its also only £2.25 (via superdrug)

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