My 2013 Favourites

4 January 2014

Hi lovelies! Over the past year I've trialed and tested many different products, so today I'll be picking out my favorites.

Rimmel match perfection foundation

I like this product because its pretty cheap, pricing at £6.99. Also, It gives great coverage and a great radient look that lasts me all day. It's extremely moisturizing so great for dry skin. If you already have oily skin, it may not work for you but you could add the stay matte powder to make your face look less shiny.

MUA Matte palette and Undressed palette
Matte Palette
I love the MUA eye palette because they are super cheap and they work. They have nice pigmentation and colouring and only cost £4 (from Superdrug)

Vo5 Give me texture
V05 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray, £3.69 - Latest Beauty Products & Beauty News
This dry texturising is great for when your hair is feeling a bit limp and lifeless, and it smells nice too. You just spray and scrunch for instantly texturised hair. And it's only £3.80

OPI Nail lacquer - In my Santa Suit

This is a lovely colour for winter and christmas. If you're looking for a more formal/classy look, apply black tips would really complete this polish. I really like the OPI polishes because even though they're more pricey, they are long lasting and extremely hard to chip! They also have a huuugee range of shades!

Butterball bath bomb - Lush

Although there are soo many lovely bath bombs, melts etc from Lush, the butterball bath bomb is my favourite. The main reason being its really good for dry, sensitive or irritated skin and leaves you smelling of cocoa and vanilla. The bath bomb contains small cocoa butter pieces that once melted leave your skin feeling super soft and smelling good for hours. If your interested in Lush, I did a lush haul here

I had quite a few lovely products but I just picked out my top 5 for my favourites. I hope you liked this post, and don't forget to follow this blog via google plus; never miss a post, and look back through the rest of my old 2013 posts. 31 posts in 3 months, wow!


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