Mouldy Makeup alert!

12 January 2014

Hello my lovelies! Did you know your makeup can go off just like food? Because in all honesty, I didn't! Products especially creme/lotion based are going to go off faster than you think, although using old foundation won't make you sick, it could cause break-outs or irritation (or just not work as well!) Here are your guidelines for when it's time to chuck!

1. Mascara
Shelf-life: 2 - 3 months
If it starts to smell different to when you first bought it -or generally weird- or starts to get clumpy, its usually a sign to toss!

2. Liquid foundations (and concealers)
Shelf-life: 6-12 months
If the colour has lightened or the foundation has separated into layers, get shopping; you need a new one!
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Classic Ivory 101
3. Lipstick/Lipgloss
Shelf-life: Lipsticks can last upto 2 years, but for lipglosses it's only a year
If your lipstick is dry, or the lipgloss is even more sticky, they're probably off!

4. Nail Polish
Shelf-life: 1-2 years
If the polish is extra gloopy or has divided into layers and won't mix after a quick shake, it's time to let it go -no matter how cute the colour...

5. Powder, Eye Shadow, & Blusher
Shelf-life: 2 years
Expired powders will usually be more dry and flaky than new ones, and can appear cracked.

Remember it's really important to also store your makeup somewhere cool and dry; NEVER store your makeup in the bathroom. If you've had a shower/bath the air will become moist and give the bacteria an excuse to thrive!!


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