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What's in my bag? (winter edition)

12 December 2013

Hi guys! Today I'll be giving you a 'what's in my bag' winter edition! These are just a few of the essentials I'll take out when i'm off shopping or I'm out for the day.

1. Headphones 
When your out and about, or just want to avoid human interaction, this is when your handy headphones come in. I have the JVC Gummy headphones. I picked this up a couple years ago in Currys, and they're really good because they are sound blocking and made to fit your ear. 
2. Coin purse/ Purse
I also have a Coin purse as well as a purse. Now before you think me weird, let me explain. I think its much better to have a handy little purse to store your pennies, then have to traul through all your 1 and 2p's before finding a suitable amount of money to pay for your shopping. This also means there is more room in my purse to store my Store cards and notes. I seem to be gaining quite a collection of store cards after my Christmas shopping spree. I now have; a superdrug beauty card, boots advantage card, and debenhams beauty card. Store cards are used to collect points which you gain for buying items in store, and you can then later get discounts and pay for items with your collected points.
I couldn't get an original photo of my purse because i bought it in Germany, but it looks a bit like the one above. It's gold and quilted with little studs and a pretty gold tassel, and it only cost me around 5 euros!

3. Gum
I think gum is an essential item to have in your bag all year round. It's a quick breath freshener, and I currently have a handy little pot; to keep you from getting random pieces of gum stuck in your bag.. not a good look. 

4. Lip balm
Again another essential is a lip balm. I'll never carry only one lip balm, I'll always have at least two - don't ask me why - Currently in my bag is the blistex intense hydration and the bodyshop 'born lippy' melon flavoured gloss. The blistex hydration has a really minty taste and when taking it out from the tube it looks a lot like glue! But it is a really good hydrator, and i always top this with a watermelon gloss to give a bit of shine.

5. Gloves/Mittens
This super cute pair of gloves/mittens are from Primark and only cost £2! I always tend to buy a new pair each year because they're super cheap, and I end up wearing them so much they look a bit grubby by the next year.

6. Tissues
It's always important to carry round some tissues and these Kleenex tissues are super cute. I bought them as a three piece, and whats more, they're Christmas themed!

Sorry this post was a bit longer than usual; hopefully it will make up for my absence of post over the weekend. Me and my friend Eve are going away for a Christmas break.

What are you loving this winter? Let me know in the comments
See you soon!


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