Product review of the week: Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish

20 December 2013

No. 4:  Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish , $20
Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish may not be the cheapest of polishes, but reviewers are raving about this polish. "This nail polish is expensive, but extremely high quality. They are consistently good," "The application is like butter." Also, this polish is really well pigmented and nearly opaque in one coat, so you need 2 coats max. The best part is you can get a wide range of unique colours; my favourites include army greens, Locavore, as well as more subtle nudes, like Plie and Grunge.

If you are interested in these polishes the link to the website is here. These cost $20 (the equivalent of about £12)

What's your favourite nail polishes? Let me know in the comments (:


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