Product review of the week - the No7 glamour gift box

30 December 2013

With all the busy manic rushes of the Christmas season, It completely slipped my mind to review my No7 products! A couple of weeks ago whilst I was in boots, I purchased two No7 nail varnishes as gifts for friends as the offer was; a free No7 glamour gift box (worth £29) with the purchase of any two No7 items. So i couldn't resist grabbing this little treat for myself!

Inside this beautiful little gift box is a SPF 15 high shine lip gloss, a extend length mascara, felt tip eyeliner, and a sparkly eye shadow.

At first I wasn't sure whether I was going to like this lip gloss as some can be a bit too glossy and sticky, but I loved this one. It really plumps out your lips and tastes great too (always an important factor when it comes to lip glosses) I also really like this super cute mascara because its really small which is great to store in your purse or handbag, and it gives a really good coverage on your lashes. The felt tip eyeliner was really good for precision, but I felt and times it was a bit too dry and didn't always perform to its expected standards. This eye shadow was a lovely topping to a matte shadow to give it a bit of glitz and glam, and the little pot it came in was really handy too.
Overall I think this product was pretty good; especially since I got it for free, its really good quality. Thanks No7!

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