My top 5...Bands

16 December 2013

Hi guys, this is going to be the start of the 'My top 5..' series, so lets start with my top 5 bands. I really like indie bands along with the usual, so if you haven't heard of some of these bands you should check them out (:

5. Fall out Boy
I guess this is a kind of strange band for me to like, but I'm really into Fall out boy at the minute especially alone together!

4. Imagine Dragons
I'm loving imagine dragons and have recently downloaded their latest album night visions. If your into alternate/indie check these guys out.
3. Bastille
Bastille is a pretty well known band but if your looking for some of the less well known songs check out 'Flaws' and 'These streets'
2. One Direction
I do like a bit of One Direction, but I wouldn't say I'm one of those obsessed Directioners! My favourites being 'Over again' 'Diana' and 'Through the Dark' 

1. R5
R5 are a band made up of Ross, Riker, Rocky, Rydel and Ratliff. Ross is also well known from his role in the Disney Channel show Austin and Ally, playing the main role of Austin. I recommend 'wishing i was 23' 'Aint no way we're going home' and 'If i can't be with you'

What bands are you loving? Let me know in the comments. Tune in tomorrow for my Top 5 Makeup products.


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