Lush Haul!

31 December 2013

Today I was out shopping and couldn't help find myself being drawn towards the very inviting Lush store, and since I hadn't been in for a couple months, why not! 3 out of the 4 items I bought were Christmassy so I got them on sale 50% off.

The Snow Fairy

This massage bar is really cute and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated (and a tad glittery!) I picked this up for only £2.50 as its a seasonal bar and was in the Christmas sale. I really love this product as you can get upto 8 goes - maybe even more - but it melts really quickly so be warned! It smelt really sweet and reminded me of strawberries!

Melting Snowman
I couldn't resist this cute little Snowman and he only cost me around £1.15! It turned my water misty and milky with a tinge of blue. It wasn't nearly as moisturizing as Star Light and the Christmas Penguin bubble bar but the water was still soft. I'm not a massive cinnamon lover and I think if you put cinnamon in anything it's going to overpower whatever other smelly thing is there -but it smelt really nice and had other fruity scents too.

ButterBall - Bath bomb

Butterball wasn't on sale but it still only cost me £2.50. I just used this and I love it - do not be deceived by its plain exterior - It leaves you instantly hydrated and smelling of vanilla and cocoa! I placed it in my bath and it turned the water milky and left little blobs of cocoa butter floating around (which later dissolved on my skin) It also left a slight glittery surface on me, but I can't see it now. A few hours later and I'm still feeling silky smooth!

So White - Bath bomb

There's more to this apple-scented bath bomb than meets the eye! Inside this pure white ball of fragrance is a hidden rose interior that turns your bath water into a beautiful pink. Again this only cost me around £1.65 and is my favourite bath bomb!

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of these Lush products! I recommend them all but if you want some of this Christmas season buys, you need to go into your nearest Lush, because they're no longer being sold online. If you did like this review please feel free to comment, like and share for more!

Happy new year and good luck for 2014!


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