Christmas Jumpers!

3 December 2013

One of the reasons Christmas is the best time of the year, is you have an excuse to wear a festive-usually embarrassing-jumper. This is the only time of year you get away with revealing your inner geek, so do it while you can! All of these jumpers i found on Asos which i think is accessible world wide, which is why i chose this site to show you, though of course these are available almost anywhere.

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Christmas Jumper with Pug
I think this jumper is super cute. Its a pug wearing reindeer antlers, a red nose and a bow tie! This is great for the festive season and you can order it off asos for £35.00 here
Image 1 of Only Christmas Pudding Jumper
The Christmas pudding can't go wrong! I love the texture of the actual jumper itself giving it the chunky knitted feel and i think this would look great with any outfit. This one is £25 and you can order it here
Image 1 of ASOS Fluffy Christmas Jumper With Snowflake
This fluffy Christmas snowflake jumper is currently only £26 which i think is a bargain. This jumper looks super cosy and warm and great for snuggling down in the colder evenings. (order here)
Image 1 of Bellfield Christmas Jumper With Stag Print And Patterned Sleeves
Lastly this is my favourite jumper. I love the fact you have the stag print and patterned sleeve but it doesn't look too in-your-face. Also the colours are quite nude but still have a Christmassy feel! This one is £38 and you can order it here

I hope that gave you some ideas for Christmas Jumpers, or got you to start thinking about purchasing one! Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


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